The Late Late Show with James Corden

Samara appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden this week! You can watch a clip from her appearance below, and high quality stills and screen captures will be up in our gallery soon. I’ll have more clips up in our video archive later this weekend…

James welcomes Feb. 23 birthday twins Samara Weaving and Josh Gad. Samara shares how she celebrated “Scream VI” with her husband, writer of another hit film “Cocaine Bear.” And James asks Samara if the rumors are true about her having an all-time ability to scream.

First official Scream 6 Trailer

The first full lenght trailer for Samara’s upcoming film Scream 6 have now been released, and we get the first look at Samara! Make sure not to blink, as then you’ll likely miss it… The film hits theatres on March 10, 2023!

Samara Weaving has survived in horror films before, but she may be unable to outsmart Ghostface in the highly anticipated slasher flick Scream 6.

The Australian actress, 30, will reportedly pay homage to Drew Barrymore’s ill-fated character from the first film, but specific details of her role are yet to be revealed.

Although her character’s name hasn’t been disclosed, she makes a brief appearance in a new trailer and accompanying poster released on Thursday. Fans can expect Scream 6 to take the franchise in a new direction, and whether Samara will survive for future sequels remains to be seen.

Ghostface is now looking for revenge in busy New York City where he tries to track Woodsboro survivors, who are played by Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera.

Scream 6 brings back Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed, a Scream 4 survivor, and Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers, an investigative reporter.

Earlier this week, Samara appeared at the Australian premiere of Babylon in Sydney alongside Margot Robbie, with both stars wearing similar baby blue dresses on the red carpet.

Bill Skarsgard, Samara Weaving & Yayan Ruhian Starring In ‘Boy Kills World’

DEADLINE EXCLUSIVE: An enticing-looking package is coming together for Boy Kills World, an action movie set in a dystopian fever dream reality that is gearing up to shoot in South Africa.

Bill Skarsgard (Deadpool 2, It Chapter Two) will lead the cast as protagonist Boy, a deaf mute with a vibrant imagination. When his family is murdered, he escapes to the jungle and is trained by a mysterious shaman to repress his childish imagination and become an instrument of death. Also attached are Samara Weaving (Ready or Not, Bill and Ted Face the Music), who will play assassin June 27, and martial arts expert Yayan Ruhian (Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, The Raid: Redemption), who will be Boy’s mentor.

German filmmaker Moritz Mohr is set to make his feature directing debut on the project. His previous short films include Akumi, which was an award-winner in Germany. Mohr put together a detailed previsualization of the film’s cinematic approach, which caught the eye of Sam Raimi, who will now produce the feature through his banner Raimi Productions alongside Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment.

Also producing are Zainab Azizi of Raimi Productions, Stuart Manashil of Novo, Dan Kagan and Andrew Childs of Vertigo Entertainment, and Reza Brojerdi of Ventaro Film. CAA Media Finance will represent domestic rights and arranged the project’s financing with Simon Swart and Wayne Fitzjohn of Nthibah Pictures and Alex Lebovici of Hammerstone Studios.

The screenplay was written by Arend Remmers (Sløborn) and Tyler Burton Smith (Kung Fury: The Movie). Nancy Nayor is casting.

Said Raimi commented, “I am thrilled to be partnering up again with Roy Lee on Moritz Mohr’s Boy Kills World. Moritz has a brilliant sense for action, humor, and world building that I just cannot wait for the world to see. We are excited to be collaborating with Nthibah and Hammerstone to bring Moritz’s unique film to life.”

Added Simon Swart, CEO of Nthibah Pictures, added, “Boy Kills World is set in a distinct dystopian world, combining real world themes with a stylized look that is fresh, cool and original, borrowing from the best of graphic novels. With a script that combines wild innovative action sequences, a sense of humor and a lot of crazy, this film has the potential to be a worldwide hit and potential franchise property.”

Samara Weaving spills on crying in front of Nicole Kidman

Samara Weaving has reflected on her experience filming Nine Perfect Strangers in the wake of the final episode, which airs tomorrow on Amazon Prime Video.

Speaking in a Q&A session on Prime Video’s social media, Samara spoke about what it was like to work with certain high-profile actors, and how she prepared for her role as Jessica.

“I’m most proud of staying cool when Michael Shannon and Nicole Kidman were there, keeping it together, and getting through a scene because my character is insane, I’d have to do all these crazy things in front of them,” she divulged.

“I did some really intense scenes with Nicole, like crying in front of her and then like, ‘okay, well, now you’re friends’,” the former Home and Away actress admitted.

“It was so much fun, it was very surreal… I’ve had to pinch myself.”

The much-discussed method acting of Nicole Kidman during Nine Perfect Strangers meant that Samara met Nicole for the first time when their characters did. Nicole enters the room as Masha, the owner of Tranquillum House, where the main characters have come to stay, and are congregating while they wait for her. “I didn’t really have to act because my jaw hit the ground, and she floated,” Samara said of the filming experience. “It was really amazing – it was so good for the director to do that.”

As Jessica Chandler, Samara plays a social media influencer who suffers from body dysmorphia, a role that proved challenging for Samara. “I have a great drama coach, and we did a deep dive because it was hard to find a line to ground her and make her relatable,” the Australian actress reflected. “The biggest help was the hair and makeup team, who transformed me into this other human being, which helped bring her to life.”

“Jessica … uses plastic surgery as a coping mechanism, but that doesn’t get to the root of the issue,” Samara explained. “As the series progresses, we start peeling back those layers and realising why she acts the way she does, and looks the way she does, is because of working in an industry. “So much of it is external validation,” she said.

The series, which has been widely watched and discussed for its all-star cast, was actually shot locally in Byron Bay, when COVID-19 restrictions meant shooting could not take place in America. This meant the Australian actors on the show – Samara, Nicole, and Asher Keddie as well, were treated to time at home. “I didn’t think I’d be able to come back here and so it was amazing that I was given this opportunity. I could go to my parents who, if it weren’t for this, I probably wouldn’t have seen them for two years,” Samara admitted gratefully. Samara is currently based in the US, where she is garnering more attention for her acting, and more roles in Hollywood films, too.

As the series winds down, WHO has been treated to an exclusive clip from the final episode, Ever After.

“I think you’ll be satisfied with the ending, and it’s crazy, so it doesn’t disappoint,” Samara teased during the Q&A.

Take a look to get yourself ready for tomorrow’s finale! (Source + Clip)

(Photoshoot) Cast of ‘Hollywood’ for Elle Magazine

The cast of Hollywood is featured online at Elle Magazine with a new photoshoot! Samara is featured alongside Jake Picking, Darren Criss, Jeremy Pope, Maude Apatow, Laura Harrier and David Corenswet, and they all look amazing. The article also contains a lot of interesting information on the show and cast which is worth a read!

The new photos have been added to our gallery, and you can read an excerpt from the article below – but make sure to visit Elle Magazine here for the full article, including information on the cast’s outfits and styling.

What if we had given these men, these women, the queer community, black people opportunities—how different could it be?” Jeremy Pope recalls producer/screenwriter/director Ryan Murphy saying, in an effort to sell the Broadway actor on Netflix’s Hollywood. Pope had little information on the series. What he did know, though—that the series is set in the 1940s and that it takes a revisionist look at the supposedly halcyon days of the film industry by giving black, Asian, and gay characters leading story lines—captivated him.

“The question Ryan posed to me at the time was, ‘What would happen if, you know, Rock Hudson and Anna May Wong and Dorothy Dandridge had had happy endings?’ The idea of pulling up buried history and also rewriting some wrongs excited me,” says Janet Mock, an executive producer, writer, and director, who joined the project after collaborating with Murphy on Pose. (Hollywood is part of a multimillion-dollar development deal Mock signed with Netflix.)

Hollywood, which features fictional story lines intertwined with real-life ones, is a bubbly, glamour-filled show that balances its irreverent, cheeky plots with smart commentary relevant to today’s cultural moment, despite being set decades in the past.

Pope, a Broadway star new to streaming, is part of a cast of young talents that includes David Corenswet, Maude Apatow, Laura Harrier, Samara Weaving, and Darren Criss, playing against heavyweights like Patti LuPone, Holland Taylor, and Rob Reiner. “I was really interested in going after young, sparkling new voices. We auditioned, and everybody in the world wanted to be a part of this show, I think, because once they figured out what it was about, it was meaningful for them,” Murphy says. “In the case of Laura and Samara and Jeremy, as soon as I saw their audition tapes, I was like, ‘Well, that’s the one.’ That was it.” (Proceed for full article)

V Magazine: Samara Weaving Talks Female Empowerment Ahead of ‘Hollywood’ Premiere

Samara’s show ‘Hollywood’ is coming to Netflix this Friday (May 1st), and the cast has now began promoting the show! Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the majority of the promotion is being done from their own homes. This means Skype interviews, at home photoshoots and probably less content than we originally hoped for… But so far, they’re not disappointing!

First up today is a brand new interview Samara did for V Magazine, which features an adorable new photoshoot she took herself in her home. Samara is self-styled and wearing Louis Vuitton in all the photos, and it’s a fun little shoot which I think shows her personality really well! You can find the interview below, and the photoshoot has been added to our gallery.

Hailing from across the globe in Australia, budding actress Samara Weaving is certainly claiming her space in the American film industry. To date, the starlet already has an impressive repertoire of roles to her name, claiming the spotlight in a plethora of praised television and film productions including Home and Away, The Babysitter, Mayhem, and Ready Or Not, among many others. Now, the 28-year-old actress stars as Claire Wood, a dream-chaser caught up in the world of movie-making, on Ryan Murphy’s upcoming Netflix series Hollywood, set to premiere this Friday, May 1.

At the nexus of race, gender, and sexuality in the Los Angeles limelight, Hollywood follows a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in a Post-World War II Tinseltown. Shedding light on the hardships and injustices placed upon marginalized groups in mainstream media, the series provides an empowered storyline that showcases what the entertainment landscape might resemble if rid of toxic, decades-old power dynamics. “For me, the show is about honoring these people who paved the way for us for equality in the industry,” explains Weaving. “They started fighting a long time ago, and this show is a great reminder for us not to take that for granted and to keep fighting the good fight.”

Weaving’s character, Claire, powerfully fronts the lead female archetype, unapologetically making her goals known and desires flaunted in a stance for female empowerment amid a male-dominated industry. “I really admire Claire in the way that she can just walk into a room and have the confidence to tell people her opinion,” says Weaving. “I think I need to take a page out of her book and stand up for myself in different situations. As a young woman, it’s easy to be overlooked. Sometimes I’ll be in a situation where someone will look at me at face value and not consider that I might have relevant ideas or they’ll see me as a naive young woman. I like that Claire makes sure that she’s heard.”

Weaving’s badass female persona speaks volumes to the show’s forward-thinking agenda, and her story is only one of several given the spotlight on the series. A star-studded cast including Darren Criss, David Corenswet, Jeremy Pope, Laura Harrier, Jake Picking, Rob Reiner and Patti LuPone depicts the future of filmmaking through atypical characters that relentlessly fight for a place in an industry accustomed to conformity. “It’s pretty rare to love every single person on the set, but we did,” Weaving says. “We were so comfortable with each other. There’s a scene with Rob Reiner, Patti LuPone, and me, where we’re being so awful to each other. It would have been so nerve-wracking if I didn’t have the relationship I did with those two legends to pull that off completely. I call them the most awful things, but it was actually so much fun.”

As the highly-anticipated series’ debut approaches amidst social distancing orders, Weaving shared a few snaps from home with V in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton to celebrate the show’s release. An ambassador for the brand, Weaving shared fond words of the leading creative director: “Nicolas Ghesquière is the most kind man and he’s a genius when it comes to clothes,” she says. “He really has such a blazingly creative brain.” (V Magazine)

‘Hollywood’ Official Trailer + Screen Captures

The official trailer for Samara’s upcoming Netflix mini-series Hollywood has been released! Check it out below, and head over to our gallery for HD screen captures of Samara as Claire Wood. The full series is coming to Netflix next Friday on May 1st – stay tuned!

A group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-World War II Hollywood try to make it big – no matter the cost.

Photoshoot outtakes from Amazing Magazine

Hello everyone! As you might recall, Samara appeared in the Fall/Winter issue of Amazing Magazine (No 7) last year. High quality outtakes from her spread have finally appeared online, and have been added to our gallery for you! Enjoy the new additions.

‘Hollywood’ Promotional Stills and Posters

Samara’s upcoming mini-series Hollywood is coming to Netflix on May 1st, and we finally have the first photos of her as Claire Wood! The period drama follows a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-World War II Hollywood as they try to make it in Tinseltown — no matter the cost. Netflix explains the show as follows:

Each character offers a unique glimpse behind the gilded curtain of Hollywood’s Golden Age, spotlighting the unfair systems and biases across race, gender and sexuality that continue to this day. Provocative and incisive, ‘Hollywood’ exposes and examines decades-old power dynamics, and what the entertainment landscape might look like if they had been dismantled.

3 high quality stills and 2 promotional posters featuring Claire have been added to our gallery, and you can find links to both albums below. Keep checking back for any updates related to the show, and of course return in May for screen captures of our girl!

‘Last Moment of Clarity’ First Official Trailer

We finally have the first official trailer for Samara’s upcoming film Last Moment of Clarity! The film will arrive on DVD, Digital, and On Demand May 19. Check out the trailer below, and stay tuned for more updates soon!

Samara Weaving is one of those up-and-coming performers you just know is going to breakout big time one day. The actress has been stealing scenes in genre films for the last few years, from The Babysitter to Mayhem, and last year’s breakout Ready or Not. She’s poised for her highest profile gig yet as Bill’s daughter in the upcoming Bill and Ted Face the Music, but first, she’s getting tangled up in a Hitchockian thriller in Lionsgate’s Last Moment of Clarity.

Zach Avery stars as Sam, a man who thinks he found his long lost girlfriend Georgia (Weaving) when he sees a Hollywood actress he’s convinced is her. There’s just one catch — Georgia was murdered by mobsters years earlier. Determined to get to the truth, Sam teams up with an enigmatic familiar face named Kat (Mr. Robot‘s Carly Chaikin) to investigate. (Collider)

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